New York Airport Accidents

airport accidents

An airport is a city within a city. Airplanes bring people all over the world. Accidents and injuries happen in both airports and on airplanes.

International Flight Accidents

International flight accidents

If you were injured as the result of an accident during the course of an international flight, you may have a claim against the airline under the terms of the Montreal Convention.

New York Airplane Accidents

airplane accidents

An aircraft can present passengers with very tight spaces for movement within the aircraft and this can result in accidents and passenger injury.

About Hecht & Hecht

Hecht & Hecht, LLP is a New York law firm that has more than 20 years of experience working with cases concerning injuries on airplanes and at airports. In the past, one of our attorneys worked representing various airlines in different types of personal injury cases. Now, as a result of that experience and our experience in representing numerous individuals injured at airports and injured on airplanes, our office has the knowledge and understanding to represent people injured in an airport accident or an airplane accident. We will use this knowledge to fight for your rights.

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As experienced aviation accident attorneys, we are carefully watching the stories that are coming out in the news media regarding the Southwest Airlines incident at LaGuardia Airport on July 22, 2013. At this point, one day after the incident, little is being said as to the cause of the incident.  However, we have noted that one news […]

Our office has years of experience representing people who are injured at airports and on airplanes in New York and around the world. We have been experience in cases where people are injured due to trip and fall incidents in jet bridges, falls out of wheel chairs while being pushed through the airport, overhead bin accidents; beverage […]