Recent aircraft accident at Laguardia Airport in New York

by mhecht

As experienced aviation accident attorneys, we are carefully watching the stories that are coming out in the news media regarding the Southwest Airlines incident at LaGuardia Airport on July 22, 2013.

At this point, one day after the incident, little is being said as to the cause of the incident.  However, we have noted that one news report did indicate that the flight crew had some indication that there was trouble with the landing gear before the aircraft landed. We have also seen other reports indicating that the incident was a complete surprise to the passengers.

As the details surrounding this incident emerge with the passage of time, we would be very interested to know if in fact the flight crew was aware that there was a problem and if so, whether any announcements were made before the incident so the passengers  could prepare for an impact on landing.  If the flight crew knew of the problem, in our opinion, they should have advised the passengers before the landing.

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