Live in New York and injured on an airplane in Europe? We may be able to help.

by mhecht

As experience lawyers handling aviation cases, we may be able to help if you have been traveling abroad and were injured on an airplane during an international flight or while you were in the process of boarding or exiting an international flight.

If your were injured due to an accident during an international flight, The Montreal Convention may be applicable.  If that is the case, the airline on which you were traveling may very well be responsible for your injuries.  We were recently retained by an individual who was injured when she was struck by a bag that fell out of an overhead bin onto her.  The incident occurred in Europe.  Because the client lives in New York, we were able to bring a case for her in New York based on the Montreal Convention.

The Montreal Convention may be applicable to a trip and fall in a jetway and may be applicable if there is an airplane crash or similar disaster.  Several factors need to be considered to make that determination.  Please feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to discuss the issues with you.

If you have been injured on an airplane or in an airport anywhere in the world, and you live in New York, please call our office at (212) 226-2400.  You may have a case and may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Hecht & Hecht, LLP are experienced aviation lawyers and aviation attorneys who may be able to help.

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