New York Airport Workers’ Lawyers

In order for an airport to function it requires the daily effort of numerous types of airport workers.  Whether airport workers are lifting passengers’ luggage or moving it on tugs, fueling servicing or cleaning aircraft, providing essential security services or directing aircraft on the tarmac, these jobs and other jobs like them at the airport present real and daily dangers.

Baggage Handler injuries at New York Airports

Ground crew injuries at New York Airports

Security guard injuries at New York Airports 

When workers are on the tarmac, an improper jet blast could easily knock them over or even kill them.  Tugs moving luggage and other cargo sometime move in unexpected or improper ways on the tarmac. The loading of cargo onto an aircraft roller system can also be dangerous.  Workers are at risk of injury daily do to dangers that present themselves for the operation of an airport.  These are some of the daily risks of injury that airport workers take, just buy going to work.

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