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If you were injured as the result of an accident during the course of an international flight, or if you were in the process of boarding an international airline flight or exiting the aircraft just after an international flight, you may have a claim against the airline under the terms of the Montreal Convention.

The Montreal Convention

The Montreal Convention is an international law that may apply if you have a round trip ticket on an international airline flight and if you were injured as the result of an accident on an international airline flight or within the operation of embarking or disembarking an international airline flight.

The Montreal Convention establishes a set of rules that pertain to international air travel and, under certain circumstances, allows for monetary recovery for injuries that may be sustained during international air travel. This is a complex law that can be difficult to understand without experienced legal counsel.  Our law firm has extensive experience handling Montreal Convention cases and the predecessor of that law, the Warsaw Convention.

Under the Montreal Convention if you are injured as the result of something unusual or unexpected during the course of an international flight or boarding or disembarking an international flight, the airline may be responsible for your injuries.

Time limitation under the Montreal Convention

If you have been injured during international air travel you should also be aware that claims under the Montreal Convention must be made within two (2) years from the happening of the accident.  This is very important as this time limit is shorter than the time limit applicable to other types of injury and accident cases.

International air travel accident and the resulting cases can be complex and may involve a different set of rules than an ordinary accident case.  If you were involved in an international flight accident or an accident in the airport in the course of an international flight contact Hecht & Hecht, LLP at (212) 226-2400.

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